Gorgeous Liberty Table Runner

Anna JP in the office has created this gorgeous Liberty Table Runner.  She has made it using Liberty Tana Lawn ‘Thorpe’.  As usual, when a new project comes in, there is a lot of admiration from everyone in the studio.  It’s a perfectly fitted table runner using a lovely colourful fabric that compliments Anna’s living space really well.

Liberty Table Runner

Here’s what Anna said about the Liberty Table Runner:

“I wanted to use up the last medium-sized bit of Thorpe which I bought in the remnant sale.  My first thoughts were to make a garment but felt the colours didn’t work for me.  Ages ago, I had thought of making a padded table runner so that warm dishes or drips did not mark the polished surface of my table. When I took the material into the room to consider it in a different light I was amazed. The colours in the Thorpe are almost exactly the same as the paint I used for my Ercol chair backs!  I painted them over a year ago so hadn’t thought about this combination of colours for a while.  Obviously I must like red, blue, grey and soft green…  Making a table runner with this fabric was therefore a no-brainer.

The method:  As per all good DIY-ers I measured twice, cut once, and used a template to get the correct curve around the edge of the table. In between the top and the back I used some basic crafting felt, so that hottish dishes can go on it without damaging the table.  I made the back out of large denim pieces re-used from a charity shop skirt. The edges are a neutral 1” organza ribbon, sewn with a zigzag stitch for a decorative touch.

Overall, I’m pleased with how it dresses the table and is so useful for disguising the odd spill!”

Liberty Table Runner

The bright colours in this fabric give a great central colour to Anna’s table.

Liberty Table Runner

What a pretty English view to enjoy while you sit and eat.

Liberty Table Runner

As this was made using a remnant, sadly we don’t have Thorpe in this colour way.  We do have lots of other Thorpe’s!  You can see them here.  Find the right Liberty fabric to match your colour scheme and create this really simple make.

As ever, happy sewing and creating!

Love Alice x

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