Frequently Asked Questions about sizes, cutting and sewing with our fabric

How wide are your fabrics?

Liberty Tana Lawn is 137cm or 54″ wide

Liberty Sycamore Linen is 145cm or 57” wide

Liberty English Garden (Quilting Collection) is 111.5cm or 44” wide

Vintage Liberty fabrics are often narrower than this as they were woven on smaller looms. Please check the product listing carefully to understand the fabric width and ensure you are ordering enough for your project.

What size is a fat quarter?

One fat quarter is 18” x 26.5” (45cm x 67cm)

What size is a fat eighth?

One fat eighth is 13” x 18” (33cm x 45cm)

How would you cut a multiple order of fat quarters?

By default, fabrics will be measured and supplied as per your order unless you specify otherwise in the notes section on the Checkout page. For example, 3 Fat quarters will be usually be supplied as 1 half-yard and 1 fat quarter. If you wish, you can add a note to ask for multiple quantities to be cut in a continuous piece – e.g. 3 Fat quarters to be cut as 1 three-quarter yard (27″ x 54″), or 1 Fat Quarter to be cut as a long quarter (9″ x 54″). 

Can I use Liberty Tana Lawn for quilting?

Yes, you can. Liberty fabric is wonderful for quilting. Super-soft, it’s wonderful to work with and the timeless prints will make your project an heirloom to pass down the generations.

What is the difference between Tana Lawn and Quilting Collection (English Garden)?

The Liberty English Garden Quilting Collection is printed on a 100% cotton Lasenby base, specifically designed for quilters. It is a little thicker and less silky-smooth than Tana Lawn, but shares the same detailed printing of finely-drawn floral motifs.

Can I use Liberty Tana Lawn for dressmaking?

Liberty Tana lawn is suitable for many sorts of dressmaking projects. It’s lovely to work with and behaves really well with a sewing machine. It’s great for dresses, tops, tunics, shirts, pyjamas, children’ wear, tailored linings, and plenty more.

Do you have any other Liberty fabrics apart from Tana lawn? What can these be used for?

We have a smaller range of non-Tana Liberty prints, including:

  • Silks (georgette and satin)
  • Canvas/denim
  • Heavy and fine jerseys
  • Quilting cottons (English Garden)

If you can’t see the fabric type in the print you are looking for on our website, please contact us to enquire, as we may have additional remnant pieces or roll-ends of what you need.

Should I pre-wash Liberty Tana Lawn before I use it?

There is no need to pre-wash Liberty fabric before using it in sewing projects. Because it is such a high quality fabric the shrinkage is negligible. However, if pre-washing fabric is your personal preference it is fine to pre-wash Tana Lawn.

How should I wash it if I want to?

Wash at 30 degrees (although I put mine in at 40 with my normal wash and it’s fine). To keep it looking its best use a laundry powder or liquid that doesn’t contain bleach.

Do you sell wadding for quilts?

We don’t sell quilt wadding due to the bulk and therefore high postage cost.

For my quilts I often use Hobbs Heirloom wadding – an 80% cotton, 20% polyester mix – as it gives a really nice ‘heirloom’ finish and handle. We have also used various other waddings. If you want more loft/fluffiness, a higher polyester content can provide that.

Do you recommend any particular kind of thread or sewing needle for working with Tana lawn?

I mainly use Gütermann Sew-all thread, and size 70 sewing machine needles, perhaps switching to a size 80 for quilting.

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