Liberty Christmas Tree Skirt

Kathy has made this gorgeous Liberty Christmas Tree Skirt using a lovely combination of Liberty Tana Lawn® fabrics.

Liberty Christmas Tree Skirt

Here’s Kathy to tell us about her make.  “I used a pattern I found on Pinterest – Jordan Fabrics.  I did originally have a different pattern in mind and this was one that suited what I wanted to create.  I used a tree skirt pattern but make a few changes.  I didn’t add the hole in the middle as I wanted to also use it as a table topper.  I also changed the pattern to make it much smaller as I found 62″ too big for my space.”

Liberty Christmas Tree Skirt

Fabrics used:

Adelajda C – for the central star.

Festive Sparkle – for the double diamonds.

Plain Ochre W – for the plain diamond.

My Little Star X – for the squares.

Wiltshire Glitter F for the border and backing.

“I used a Gutermann metallic thread 7027.  I had heard horror stories about using metallic thread combining the right tension and needles but I actually had no problems with it at all.  My sewing machine is fairly new so I don’t know if this affected that at all.”

Liberty Christmas Tree Skirt

“Although the tree skirt was of a fairy basic design, it did come with its problems.  The joining of the diamonds was challenging.  If I made this again I’d join 4 diamonds together, then another 4 diamonds together and then join the two blocks to make the points more easy to sew and to get perfect points.  If you were making a hole in the centre of the skirt you would cut out this section according to the pattern anyway.”

Liberty Christmas Tree Skirt  

“The whole tree skirt is machine sewn.  I’ve never sewn Y seams before  and taught myself how to do this.  I had to unpick numerous attempts  as they were a bit of a pain.  I also mitred the corners which was different to the pattern.  I’ve learnt all of the top tips for metering corners over the years.  Although the pattern didn’t mitre the corners I felt the pattern lent itself to elongating the points in this way.  I’m so pleased I did this.”

Liberty Christmas Tree Skirt

“I love the finished result.  I did think it’s too nice to be a tree skirt though.  I think I’ll use it for a table decoration instead.”

I love this Liberty Tree Skirt.  I especially love the use of the metallic thread within the quilting.  It looks so effective on the Liberty plain ochre and the central star.  It’s gorgeous Kathy.

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