Liberty Rainbow Quilt

I’ve been wanting to put a Liberty Rainbow Quilt kit together for ages.  Claire and I got chatting and we put some colours and fabrics together. Claire from the studio has made it. Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s a 2.5 inch strip quilt which is made using the ‘Quilt As you Go’ technique.  

Liberty Rainbow Quilt

Claire makes our kits for the Sewing Quarter, for supplying the Liberty of London store and our own website.  She puts all of the colours together for charm packs and jelly rolls too.  In her words “I love working at Alice Caroline”.  Claire classes herself as an enthusiastic amateur in the sewing world.  She has dabbled in patchwork, English Paper Piecing (EPP), making cushions and curtains.  This is her first ‘Quilt As You Go’ quilt.

Claire with her new Liberty Rainbow Quilt.  

Liberty Rainbow Quilt

The Liberty Rainbow Quilt:

The Liberty Rainbow Quilt kit comes with all of the fabric you need to make the quilt top. These 40 different fabrics have been chosen to be especially fun and bright and make a beautiful rainbow.  The kit also includes the instructions on how to construct the quilt using the faster ‘Quilt As You Go’ method.  You can buy the kit here.

The strips are 2.5 inches x the full width of the fabric (54 inches).  It’s a really easy sewing method.  If you are not familiar with the ‘Quilt As You Go’ method I’ll explain a little about it. In normal quilting you would make a quilt top and then add the wadding and backing fabric to it at the end.  You would then quilt and bind it.  With this method, you make a quilt sandwich by putting the backing fabric down (right side down) and place the wadding on the top.  You then add your strips of fabric one at a time to quilt the project as you go.  Claire said “It was very satisfying to sew and it comes together really quickly.  It would make a great present but I’m not giving mine away.”

The beautiful rainbow fabrics are also available in an ultimate rainbow fat quarter bundle too.

Liberty Rainbow Quilt

Claire has bound the quilt with Mauvey as it’s her favourite Liberty fabric.  She has backed it with green Capel as it matches a cushion and curtain on her narrowboat.  The quilt will live on the narrowboat eventually although Claire is finding it hard to let go at the moment!  A combination of really cold UK weather and wanting to just look at the lovely fabrics means it’s at her home right now.  She is a bit obsessed with having Liberty fabrics on the narrowboat. I’ll try and bring you some pictures of the Liberty narrowboat really soon.

Liberty Rainbow Quilt

It’s a great little project.  I hope this inspires you to get sewing.

Alice x

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