10% OFF FLAWED Gloss PVC Coated Liberty Tana Lawn Betsy P 5.4m

£145.80 £131.22

Liberty Betsy P print with a gloss PVC coating. 

Please note that this is a flawed piece and is being sold at 10% off the normal price of Liberty Oilcloth (£24.30 per meter instead of £27 per meter.) The piece has an 11cm thick line across one selvedge edge where the coating has not reached, please see the third image for a photo of this flaw. The photo has the flawed section running through it vertically, as indicated by the arrows.

You will receive a 5.4m (177″) x 1.37m (54″) piece

This waterproof fabric is suited to a wide variety of projects! 

PVC Coated Cotton Tana Lawn

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