Liberty Interior Fabric Zennor Forest Tree Tops Silk Linen 88 x 133cm REMNANT

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The Secret Garden Collection

Inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic novel “The Secret Garden”.

The quotes ‘Mary felt like she was in a forest with them’ and references to tree tops over the wall inspired Zennor Forest, a fine line ‘Tree of Life’. Forests, like walls, create boundaries, secrecy and sanctuary. The flowers for both Zennor Forest and Jeffery Rose Tree were originally sketched by hand and then drawn in pencil onto tracing paper gradually building up the tree as they went. The abundant theme is roses as the garden references rose trees. The tree represents a mythological tree of beauty, blooming and rising up resplendent as the final monument to all they had achieved in the garden and relating back to memories past of heady rose trees swinging through the garden and enveloping it. The trunk brings together all the designs in the collection representing a connection of all that has happened throughout the story and bonding them all together creating fresh new life. Zennor Forest has been re-worked into a half drop, half the size of the original whereas Jeffery Rose Tree is a full width repeat.

Fabric Type: Silk linen
Composition: 69% Linen, 31% Silk
Usage: Drapery, Accessories
Care: Dry clean only

REMNANT SIZE: 88 x 133cm (34″ x 52″)

This remnant is a rectangular piece. Please be aware there is a loose thread in the middle of this piece.

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