Alice Caroline X Aurifil Chocolate Box Thread Collection


We are SO excited to collaborate with Aurifil to bring you this collection of beautiful Floss threads. This Floss collection is of the highest quality and is beautiful for hand sewing.  

Aurifil’s Floss is the thickest of their cotton threads. It is perfect for use in areas you want stitching to become a feature, such as in decorative hand quilting, hand stitching or embroidery.  The colours have been chosen to match with the Chocolate Box quilt BOM, and be used as the decorative hand quilted ‘paper cases’ around each coloured FPP centre. However, even if not a part of this BOM these threads will still be a great addition to your sewing box.  
10 spools of Floss, 16m (18 yds). Colours and Aurifil Codes Red 2250, Orange 2220, Fuchsia 4020, Pink 2425, Yellow 1135, Green 6737, Teal 4093, Sky Blue 2715, Royal Blue 2740, Purple 2520.
100% Cotton Thread
Uses: Embroidery, Hand Quilting, Hand Sewing

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