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Finished Quilt Size:  Approximately 68” square (173cm x 173cm) 

Renewal date: 10th of every month in 2023

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We are absolutely delighted to present you with an all-new, unique quilt design for 2023.  The exquisite Alice’s Country Diary Quilt combines the wonderful technique of English Paper Piecing (EPP) with beautiful hand embroidery and appliqué.  

Sign up to this Quilt BOM and every month, you will receive a beautiful box containing instructions, a specially curated selection of Liberty Tana Lawn® fabrics, high quality white quilting background fabric, EPP paper pre-cut shapes, DMC Mouliné Spécial no. 25 embroidery threads (100% cotton) and full instructions to make several quilt blocks.  Each block is unique in this quilt and then tessellates together to form the finished quilt at the end of the year.  As a member of this subscription, you will also have access to our lovely sewing community which provides helpful sewing tips and camaraderie. 

Alice’s Country Diary Quilt is an heirloom quilt which uses Liberty classics and Alice Caroline Exclusives for the EPP blocks.  In the whole quilt you will receive approximately 64 unique Liberty Tana Lawn® prints. Tana Lawn® is perfect for EPP (English Paper Piecing) due to the high thread count of the fabric – this enables fine detail in each of the delicate designs and makes it really easy to work with by hand. 

Each Liberty fabric chosen for this quilt has been curated for maximum impact.  The bright rainbow outer rings of each EPP block use different fabrics specifically chosen for their bolder colours. These fabrics are arranged into stunning rainbows that repeat throughout the quilt and perfectly frame the embroidery designs.  13 different fabrics are used for the paler inner rings of each EPP block. Carefully chosen, these are in soft, pastel shades which better allow the rainbow EPP ring to stand out and for the beautiful embroidery to become the focal point of each block. Each of the main 25 blocks has a unique embroidery design at the centre designed across the seasons.

Alice talks about the inspiration behind her beautiful new quilt.  “I love wildflowers and thought I knew a fair few until I started walking more during lockdown and really taking notice of the plants in the hedgerows and woodlands of my surrounding countryside.  I began to see plants that were new to me and it was as if a whole new world opened up beneath my feet, one that had always been there but that I had never taken the time to notice…. It was a classic lockdown experience of looking more closely at my immediate surroundings in the local environment instead of always looking outwards towards the rest of the world. 

I started researching their names and finding out about their medicinal uses and which were edible, many of them also being useful dye plants. Our ancestors would have known all of these things as second nature, it’s how we survived for countless generations.  I made inks to paint with from acorns and oak galls, dock roots and ferns, it was such fun to experiment so freely, I dabbled with dyeing fabrics too.   

This time of slow living and appreciation of the immediate world got me thinking about getting back into embroidery which I had loved as a teenager.  I remember visiting an amazing embroidery shop in a nearby Cotswold village as a special treat with my mum – the shop is long gone but I remember those visits very fondly.  Mum used to let me choose an embroidery kit and these times were very special to me. 

The embroidery designs started with choosing my favourite local wildflowers.   Some blocks are designed with a season in mind, but with other blocks, I decided to really focus in on the plant itself – showing it through the seasons of its lifecycle.  As in the case of the rose (my absolute favourite flower), I wanted to show the flower from emerging buds and leaves to a fully blooming rose and then showcasing the fruit (rosehip) too. 

Then I started adding insects and butterflies to the blocks.  I became interested in the various plants these insects and butterflies feed on and made these relevant to each block.  As part of this BOM, I’ll be sharing with you the information I’ve learnt about the plants, insects and butterflies shown in the blocks. 

For research and inspiration, I’ve done many walks to study and sketch the actual plants, but I have also drawn inspiration and knowledge from plant, flower and foraging guide books.  I can’t wait to share my Country Diary Quilt BOM with you.” 

*Please note – this subscription starts in January 2023 and therefore your first box will ship from the 10th January 2023.* 

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The amounts of fabric supplied are sufficient for cutting the patchwork shapes according to the supplied cutting layouts. If you want to fussy-cut other prints yourself, for instance to locate a particular motif within the design, you may need to buy extra fabric to do so. We would recommend you make a separate order for an extra fat quarter of any print which you decide to fussy-cut. 

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Upon signing up you will pay once for all 12 packs plus the monthly postage.

Your first pack will ship within five working days of the monthly renewal date, or five working days from the date you order if you order after the first renewal date in January has passed.

A dispatch confirmation email is sent at the time of shipping, which includes a tracking number if you chose tracked shipping.

Shipping charges per year for single packs:

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Unfortunately, we cannot hold back other orders or subscriptions to ship with Quilt BOM packs, due to the amount of work involved in their preparation and the risk of mistakes happening. If you wish to save postage costs you can select the Quarterly option, and receive quarterly deliveries of three packs together.

Other supplies you will need to complete your quilt:

  • A glue pen or stick to glue-baste to the paper pieces (available in our on-line shop’s Haberdashery section) – this is optional as you may choose to thread-baste.
  • Thread and medium/fine hand-sewing needles (available in our on-line shop’s Haberdashery section). We will also sell a special Aurifil thread pack which will be specially chosen to complement the colours of this quilt – this will be available soon.
  • Wadding and backing fabric sized approximately 78″ by 78″ (198 by 198 cm);
  • Binding fabric to make a binding strip approximately 288″ (731cm) long;

We will have product listings for the correct size wadding, backing and binding for this quilt from late autumn 2023, when you may be starting to think about completing the quilt.