Exclusive Liberty Fabric Tana Lawn Felicite X Fairy Cake

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Fairy cakes reminds me so much of those childhood parties where nothing seemed to matter (apart from eating lots of cake). The colours in this Felicite make the icing on the perfect fairy cake.

Alice reminisces on childhood in this Alice Caroline Liberty Exclusive ‘Halcyon Daze Collection’. Dreams of hazy summer sun; of parties playing pass-the-parcel and dancing around chairs. 1980s childhood dresses in gorgeous florals; Mum looking lovely in Laura Ashley. It is softly pastel coloured, like looking back through a rose-washed lens to English summers of old.

Fat Quarter : 45cm x 67cm, (18″ x 26.5″)
By the metre : 137cm (54″) wide, (1m = 39″)

100% Cotton Tana Lawn



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