Jewel Palace Quilt BOM – 2020 Liberty (£25.95/month)

£25.95 per month

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Month by month, sew each exquisite block to build your own Alhambra Palace-inspired quilt in extraordinary Liberty Tana Lawn. Inspired by a visit to the beautiful palace in southern Spain, Alice has created this quilt in admiration of its geometry and its fusion of science and art, Arabic and Western influences. 

Every month you will receive a beautiful box containing instructions, Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics and pre-cut papers to make your English Paper Pieced (EPP) blocks, over 12 months, building into your own gorgeous Liberty quilt. Each block forms a distinctive pattern which will then be appliqued onto an off-white quilting cotton background (included in the BOM, provided in Dec 2020) to make the finished quilt. 

The quilt block sizes and patterns will vary each month and will give depth and texture to your quilt.  The finished quilt size is 60” x 72” (152cm x 183cm).

The quilt includes fabrics from the Liberty Tana Lawn 2019/2020 classics and Alice Caroline Exclusive Liberty fabrics which are beautifully combined with Liberty Tana Lawn plain coloured fabrics. Your subscription also includes the off-white background fabric.

The last image shows the whole quilt. Your finished quilt will use these exact Liberty fabrics (where possible).

Further information and answers to frequently asked questions are shown in the tabs below.


This product is available in the following formats:

Monthly payment and deliveries

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Quarterly payment and deliveries (save on shipping costs)

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Payment by monthly subscription

  • The initial sign-up fee covers the cost of the catch-up packs and their postage, as these are posted immediately
  • Monthly subscription payments will occur on the 10th of each month. 
  • If your card expires mid-way through the year, you will need to update your account with the revised card details to ensure continuity of the subscription.

Payment by quarterly subscription

  • The initial sign-up fee covers the cost sending the first quarter’s packs, as these are posted immediately
  • Quarterly subscription normal payments occur on: 10th March, 10th June, 10th September and 10th December. 
  • The shipping rate for the quarterly subscription reflects the increased costs of packing and posting a larger parcel, but remains less than the combined costs of three separate months’ packs.

Payment up front

  • You may pay the full year’s subscription in full up-front, on the day when you sign up. Your sign-up order should not include any other products, but will include £10 to cover the cost of posting your catch-up packs.
  • Catch-up packs will be posted immediately.
  • Packs will then be dispatched within the same time frames as the main scheme, i.e. 3-5 working days after the 10th of each month.

Grouping packs together to save shipping

  • We do offer a quarterly subscription, which combines three packs to send together in March, June, September and December. Please buy select Quarterly product if you would like to receive your packs once per quarter to save on shipping, as it isn’t possible to amend a regular subscription from monthly to quarterly once it has started.
  • Following customer feedback we have reduced overseas postage rates for the Jewel Palace BOM.
  • Unfortunately we cannot hold back packs to be sent in pairs or other combinations (apart from the quarterly subscription), due to the amount of work involved in their preparation and the risk of mistakes happening with combined orders.

Buying other products at the same time as you sign up

  • You cannot purchase other fabrics or Alice Caroline products at the same time as you sign up for your Quilt BOM.
  • Should you wish to purchase further items please place a second order.

Combining orders

  • Unfortunately, we cannot hold back other orders or subscriptions to ship with Jewel Palace BOM packs, due to the amount of work involved in their preparation and the risk of mistakes happening with combined orders.


  • Catch-up packs will be posted within a few days of signing up
  • Normal monthly packs will be posted in the 3-5 working days after normal payment is taken on the 10th of a month

Delivery options

Please note: Once you sign up and place your BOM order, the delivery option cannot be amended. If you wish to change from standard to tracked or vice versa, you will need to cancel your subscription and re-subscribe. Therefore please ensure you are happy with your selected shipping method before you place your order.

  • Packs are dispatched via UK Royal Mail, and shipped via your local post service if overseas.
  • Our Standard delivery options are is Royal Mail first class (UK), and International Priority (non-UK).
  • Tracked delivery offers extra peace of mind via a tracking number to show where the pack is on its journey to you. If tracked shipping was purchased (overseas only), a second email is sent to you the business day after posting which includes your tracking number.
  • An email is sent to you within 24 hours of dispatch to confirm dispatch.
  • Postage prices for single packs (one per month): UK £3.50, Overseas standard £4.50, Overseas tracked £10.00

Customs (overseas customers only)

  • We affix a CN22 customs certificate to any non-UK parcels which the Royal Mail requires us to at the time of posting. This may change during the course of the subscription, due to Brexit and other circumstances beyond our control.
  • The goods are described on the CN22 certificate as “100% printed woven cotton fabric”. Any customs charges applicable in your own country are your responsibility. Please contact your local customs office to enquire if this applies to your country.

Missing or delayed packs

  • If your pack has not arrived within four weeks of dispatch, please contact us for a replacement

Other supplies you will need to complete your quilt

  • A glue pen or stick to glue-baste to the paper pieces
  • Thread and medium/fine hand-sewing needles
  • Wadding and backing fabric sized approximately 60 by 72 inches (152 by 183 cm)
  • Binding fabric to make a binding strip approximately 264 inches (670cm) long


The amounts of fabric supplied are sufficient for cutting the patchwork shapes according to the supplied cutting layouts. In some months we may lay out some of the paper templates for fussy cutting, and will provide enough fabric for you to be able to do this. If you want to fussy-cut other prints yourself, for instance to locate a particular motif within the design, you may need to buy extra fabric to do so. We would recommend you make a separate order for an extra fat quarter of any print which you decide to fussy-cut.