Liberty Fabric Tana Lawn Meadow Melody Small A-SP

£18.00 Mtr

The richly painted chorus of mountain lilies, dahlias and tulips create a bustling meadow of vibrant blooms; an explosion of colour to enliven the senses.

Alpine Symphony is a sublime collection of sweeping mountain vistas and wild flower meadows and is a celebration of nature at its purest.  Imbued with serenity and fresh, crisp air; explore the elevated landscape as lofty blooms sing their exalted symphony.  The name Alpine Symphony was inspired by the Richard Strauss musical composition from 1915.   The collection reflects the beauty in landscape and all the things that it can give – from extremely pretty alpine flowers to birds soaring the skies and animals hunting in the forests.  
Size: By the metre : 137cm (54″) wide, (1m = 39″)

100% Cotton Tana Lawn

Half Metre: £9, Per Metre: £18/m

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