Liberty Small Pieces 5.7kg Swim and Fleece Box 015 – Clearance Price!


FOR COLLECTION ONLY this item cannot be shipped.

Liberty Swim and Fleece at a fabulous bargain! A whole box for a super-clearance price and only one of its kind available.

This box is made up of multiple, small pieces of the exact fabric prints pictured and cardboard. The fabrics are repeated within the box anywhere from twice to 30 or more times. Exact quantity of fabric within the box is unknown. There are also lots of cardboard pieces between the fabrics to keep them flat and safe. The cardboard is heavier than the fabric so please be aware that a large proportion of the weight will be for these cardboard pieces.

Based on our calculations, we estimate this box contains the equivalent of between 10 and 14 metres of fabric (at 137cm wide), if the pieces were laid flat in a single layer.

The box contains small pieces of fabric, each sized 7.5 inches x 5.5 inches. Each has a small label in the corner which might be removable by soaking the fabric, or might need cutting around. The third image shows the size of the piece and this sticker.

This box must be personally collected from our offices near Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, UK (postcode GL20 7PP), or, at your own risk, you may arrange your own courier collection within our office hours. Please contact us via with any questions. We will contact you upon receipt of your order to arrange a suitable collection time. The fourth image shows a selection of these boxes which will be collected as they are. Each box is small enough to fit in a car boot.

Total box weight: 5.7kg

Please note: these pieces are NOT Tana Lawn

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