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Quilt SOS 2020 Hestia

The Quilt SOS project’s aim is to co-ordinate the sewing and donation of lots of beautiful quilts so that we can give every woman and child in selected Hestia refuges their very own handmade bedspread.

2020 sees a change in the charity we are supporting (due to changes in international laws we are no longer able to take the quilts to the SOS Children’s Villages).  We will be taking the quilts to London to be received by women and children who are at a time of crisis.  Previously we have taken over 260 handcrafted, unique and cosy bedspreads to four different countries across four years working alongside the charity SOS Children’s Villages.  This year we aim to take 70 quilts to refuges run by the charity Hestia which are safe places specifically run to protect women and children who have been at the hands of domestic abuse.

It’s a really scary time for everyone across the world.  As a direct result of Covid19, domestic violence is thought to be rising due to the current ‘stay at home’ rules.  Government guidance indicates that there will be direct increased pressure on charities such as Hestia and the need for their refuges will increase.

You can find out more about Hestia below and on their website here – www.hestia.org

Where will the quilts be going?

The quilts will be heading off to London later on this year.  They will be personally handed out to a number of refuges specifically for women and children who are the victims of domestic abuse.  Hestia are one of the largest providers of domestic abuse support in London.  They run refuges and work in the community to provide emotional and practical support for women and their dependent children.  In 2019, they supported nearly 2,000 people to recover from the trauma of domestic abuse.

2020 – How it works

All 2020 SOS quilts must be received by Friday October 30th 2020.

We are delighted to offer an electronic gift voucher of £30.00 to any UK-based customer who makes their quilt with a Quilt SOS fat quarter pack (option 1 or 2 below). We are unable to guarantee a voucher for overseas quilters due to import charges that are often imposed when we receive a quilt from outside the UK. Please contact us before starting your quilt if you are not based in the UK, so we can find out the likely customs implications of receiving a quilt from your country.

This year, there are four ways of sourcing the materials for your quilt:

Option 1

Make a single-size quilt using one of our Tana Quilt SOS fat quarter packs. Each pack includes enough Liberty Tana Lawn fabric for the quilt top, which you can mix in with your own binding and backing. There are many different packs to choose from.

Send it to us including a submission form (see below).

After we receive your quilt we will send you a gift voucher for spending in our shop (on line or in person).

Option 2

Make a single-sized quilt using our Mixed Quilt SOS fat quarter pack of Liberty Tana and Liberty quilting cotton. Each pack includes enough fabric for the quilt top, which you can mix in with your own binding and backing.

Send it to us including a submission form (see below).

After we receive your quilt we will send you a gift voucher for spending in our shop (on line or in person).

Option 3

Make a single-sized quilt with your own fabric, either Liberty or other brands, as you wish. If purchasing fabric for your entire quilt top, you will need about 16 fat quarters from a 110cm wide roll (e.g. quilting cottons), or 13 fat quarters from a 137cm wide roll (e.g. tana lawn).

Send it to us including a submission form (see below).

Option 4

Make a single sized quilt using a special bumper-sized pack of Liberty Quilt SOS small pieces (tana and poplin)– each measures 7.5 by 5.5 inches and has a small sticker in the corner. These pieces are ideal for smaller patchwork designs. Use your own binding and backing.

Send it to us including a submission form (see below).

You can make more than one quilt if you like, and mix and match the different options above, just make sure each quilt includes its own submission form so that we can keep track of who has made what.


You will need to meet the cost to post your quilt to us before the deadline. We recommend that you use a tracked and insured service for your peace of mind.

Please send your completed Quilt to: Alice Caroline Ltd, Darkes Barn East, Conderton, Near Tewkesbury, Glos, GL20 7PP

Quilt size required

In inches: width: 51 to 54″; length: 80 to 90″.

In centimetres: width: 129 to 137cm; Length: 205cm to 228cm.

The Thank You Gift Voucher

The gift voucher code will be emailed to you within one week of receiving your finished quilt. It is valid for 12 months from the final submission deadline.

To use it, shop on our site as normal, and enter the gift voucher code when you see “Have a gift card?” on the Shopping Cart page. You can use the voucher for full or part-payment of a new order, including postage.

Submission Form – you can find the submission form here for you to print at home and send with your quilt.

Top tips

The children love receiving quilts which included a personalised message embroidered or printed on the corner, such as “made with love, from me to you”.

We need quilts to suit a variety of ages and tastes. We do not know who will be at the refuges at the time of delivery later on this year but the quilts will be given to women, boys and girls of all ages.

Take a look at my Pinterest board for inspiration about the quilt design.

There is no need to pre-wash Liberty Tana lawn or quilting cotton before sewing, but other fabric manufacturers, often recommend pre-washing their fabrics. It won’t do any harm to pre-wash all fabrics if you are making a mixed-brand fabric quilt top.

Wadding can be purchased from your preferred supplier (including ourselves!). One of our favourite brands of wadding, which has a nice “vintage” handle and drape, is Hobbs Heirloom. This is an 80% cotton, 20% polyester mix and will be available very soon in our Haberdashery section.

About Hestia:

For 50 years, Hestia has provided support and hope every step of the way of recovery. Today, millions of people are experiencing domestic abuse, modern slavery and challenges with their mental health. Hestia believes no-one should suffer alone. Together, we can make sure people find a life beyond crisis.

At Hestia we support adults and children in times of crisis. We deliver services across London and the surrounding regions, as well as campaign and advocate nationally on the issues that affect the people we work with. Last year we supported 10,766 men, women and children. This includes victims of modern slavery, women and children who have experienced domestic abuse, young care leavers and older people. From giving someone a home, to helping them to get the right mental health support, we support people at the moment of crisis and enable them to build a life beyond a crisis. We are supported by nearly 600 volunteers across London who provide specialist skills such as art therapy, yoga, IT, gardening and cooking, as well as befriending and fundraising.


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