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It is with sadness that we have to announce that our wonderful Quilt SOS project is no longer able to send quilts to children  in the SOS Children’s villages.  Due to greater international rules and greater protection for the children, we are not able to visit the homes to deliver the quilts.  We are currently looking at several other charities to work with to continue the project and will announce this on our social media channels and here as soon as we know anything.

Here’s a synopsis of the project so far:

The Quilt SOS project’s aim is to co-ordinate the sewing and donation of lots of beautiful quilts so that we can give children who are in need their very own handmade bedspread.

Between 2016 – 2019 we supported four different SOS Children’s Villages. We have taken quilts to the children and “house mothers” in Hemeius (Romania), Vilnius (Lithuania), Krasnik (Poland) and Islice (Latvia) – sending a total of 260 handcrafted, unique and cosy bedspreads which the recipients will treasure for years to come.  We worked alongside the wonderful charity SOS Children’s Villages who provide homes to orphaned and displaced children. Each child is looked after by a ‘mother’ in a home within the village. There are villages in 125 countries around the world; the charity works hard to ensure every child grows up in a loving family home so that they flourish and reach their full potential.  Each quilt, lovingly made by our Alice Caroline customers, was hand delivered to each of the children in these four villages.  The charity has supported our work for the last four years to achieve a fantastic number of quilts being gifted to the children.

2020 sees change on our Quilt SOS project.  We are currently looking at different charities with which to work – if you have any ideas or contacts you would like to share with us then please email anna@alicecaroline.co.uk.  If you have started to make a quilt – please don’t worry!  We will be continuing with the project but need some time to find the right charity to support.