In brief, what is the Quilt SOS Project?sos_Logo_2

Alice Caroline is excited to be running the Quilt SOS project for a third year in 2018.  The project makes quilts for those who need them most.  Our goal is to provide quilts to children who have lost their families, living in an SOS Children’s Village. We’re calling on fellow Liberty lovers to use their sewing skills for this fantastic cause. 

We were thrilled to have reached our target of providing every child in Vilnius village in Lithuania with a beautiful handmade quilt. We traveled there to deliver them and were privileged to meet the children in November 2017.  You can read the story of the trip here.

2018 – HOW IT WORKS:
We are glad to be subsidising the cost of the Liberty fabric in your quilt. Purchase one of our SOS quilt packs, make and send us your quilt and receive a £30 coupon to use on our website.

We would also be delighted to receive donated quilts made from your own stash of Liberty fabric.

This is a Liberty quilt project so only Liberty fabrics (including quilting collection cottons) or Liberty fabrics mixed with up to 50% plains (from any source/brand) may be used.

All quilts must include a completed form, which will be included in purchased Quilt SOS packs, or can be downloaded to print at home here. The form will ensure each quilt is correctly identified and attributed to its original quilter.


We are delighted to announce that the village we have chosen for the 2018 project is Krasnik in Poland.  They are thrilled to have been chosen and are excited to receive the finished quilts later in the year.

We have now set our dates for personally delivering the quilts to Krasnik in Poland.  This means that now have a new deadline of Friday 2nd November, 2018 for the quilts to be delivered to the Alice Caroline studio.

For more information please see FAQs below.
This information was last updated on September 24th, 2018.


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Who will be benefitting from the quilt I make?

We have so much in our lives that we sometimes forget that there are people in the world who have virtually nothing. Let’s do what we do best and give the gift of love and comfort to people who need it.

The wonderful charity SOS Children’s Villages provides homes to children who have lost their families. Each child is looked after by a ‘mother’ in a home within the village. There are villages in 125 countries around the world; the charity works hard towards every child growing up in a loving family home so that they flourish and reach their full potential. They have been helping the world’s most vulnerable children for over 65 years.

In the third year of our project we have chosen a new SOS Village to support, Krasnik in Poland. Our goal is to make enough quilts to give one to every child in the chosen SOS village.

We will personally deliver all quilts received before the final deadline to all the children and ‘mothers’ in the SOS Children’s Village in Krasnik, Poland.

Do I have to buy a Quilt SOS Pack in order to take part?

It’s not necessary to purchase one of our Quilt SOS Packs in order to take part. We’ve put together the Quilt SOS Packs to make it as easy as possible for you to start this project, and to give you some colour inspiration too.

This quilt pack should be enough to make the quilt top, based on a simple 6” squares design. Depending on design, you may wish to add a little more from your stash if you choose.

If you do buy a Quilt SOS Pack, upon receipt of your finished quilt we will send you a coupon code for £30 that you can spend on anything on our website!

We would be delighted to receive donated quilts made from your own stash of Liberty fabric. If you use your own Liberty stash, or any fabric other than an SOS Quilt pack, we will gratefully accept your quilt to take to the SOS Children’s Village, but we will not be able to issue you with a voucher.

If I buy a selection of fat quarters from your website, will I get a coupon?

If you make a purchase of any other kind of fabric product during the time that this project is running, you will not receive a coupon upon submission of your completed quilt. However there is a “choose your own” Quilt SOS pack, which might suit you if you prefer choose each fabric yourself.

Can I customize my Quilt SOS Pack?

Yes, you can – you can purchase your customised Quilt SOS pack, where you choose all of the fabrics.

Click here

Can I use my own Liberty fabric stash?

Yes, absolutely! This is a great stash-busting project, a chance to have a clear-out and help a child in need at the same time. You will not receive a voucher upon submission of your completed quilt, but it’s a great way to use lovely bits and pieces that have been saved for a rainy day project.

I don’t want to use Liberty fabric, can I use other types of fabric?

This is specifically a Liberty quilt project, and whilst you are welcome to mix in plains with your Liberty fabric, at least 50% of the quilt top must be Liberty fabric (this includes English Garden collection of quilting cottons). The backing fabric can be any fabric brand.

What size quilt should I make?

Single Quilts only please. Staying within the size guidelines below means that all children can enjoy a similarly-sized quilt. The beds at the village are 90-100cm wide and 200-210cm long. As a guide quilts should be:

Width: 51″ – 54″ ; Length: 81″ – 90″.

Width: 129cm – 137cm ; Length: 205cm – 228cm.

Can I make more than one quilt?

Yes you can make as many as you like! Or you can get together with friends or your local quilt group and make a quilt together, perhaps making a block each.

Can you suggest a quilt pattern?

Take a look at my Pinterest quilt board for inspiration. It could be a simple block/squares quilt, a quilt as you go strip quilt or as complicated as you like; anything goes.

Should I pre-wash my fabric?

No need to pre-wash Liberty; please do pre-wash any non-Liberty plains you may coordinate with it, per manufacturer’s or supplier’s guidelines. The aim is for the quilt to look as good after several washes in the village as it did when you sent it.

Can I personalise my quilt with a message on the reverse?

The children from the first and second years of the project loved finding messages on their quilts. This is a wonderful touch so please do go for it with any messages you’d like to send – for example, ‘made with love, from me to you’.

Please don’t sew any labels onto the quilt which have a company name or email address on them.

Who covers the cost of backing, wadding and binding?

Backing, wadding and binding can be purchased from your preferred supplier. The cost of these elements of the quilt is not covered by Alice Caroline Ltd.

Who covers the postage cost?

You will pay for shipping of your purchased pack to you (if you buy one) and for Special delivery or a courier of your choice to return your finished quilt to us.

We’d hate for your beautiful work to be lost in the post, so please do send it using a guaranteed service. Unfortunately we can’t be held responsible for any losses in transit.

Once your quilt reaches us, we guarantee to personally deliver it to the children of our chosen SOS Children’s Village.

What kind of service should I send my quilt to you with?

Please use Royal Mail’s Special Delivery (next day guaranteed) service or a reputable courier.

Please return your quilts to:

Alice Caroline Ltd
Darkes Barn East
Near Tewkesbury
GL20 7PP

We will let you know when we’ve safely received your quilt within one week of receipt.

I’m not in the UK, can I take part?

We’d love you to take part – however, if it is important to you to receive a voucher afterwards please check with us before you purchase a pack as there are very high import charges to pay on quilts received from some locations. Therefore we are unable to issue a voucher on quilts from certain countries.

If we agree together that we can accept your quilt, all of the above information applies to you too. It’s especially important for you to send your quilt to us using a tracked and insured service, as we would hate for your lovely work to be lost in the post. Unfortunately we can’t be held responsible for any losses in transit.

What is the deadline?

We have two deadlines for 2018:

Our final deadline is Friday 21st September 2018.

An earlier deadline of Friday 6th July applies is if you would like your quilt to be considered for the Festival of Quilts display.

I bought a Quilt SOS pack in 2017 but did not finish and dispatch my quilt in time for the 2017 project. Can I be part of the 2018 project without buying a new Quilt SOS pack?

Yes, your quilt can be submitted for the 2018 project so long as it reaches us before the deadline, but please make it clear on your submission form that it was made with a 2017 quilt SOS pack. We will be happy to send you a voucher after receipt of the quilt.

Do I need to enclose anything with my finished quilt when I send it to you?

Please enclose in your parcel a signed ‘donation consent’ form, with a label to safety-pin to your quilt. The form is available to print here. This form is also being sent out with Quilt SOS Pack purchases.

We will let you know when we’ve safely received your quilt within one week of receipt, by email.

Once you are ready to send your quilt, please fill in these details and click Submit, to ensure we have your correct name and email address to match the form you enclose with your parcel.

Quilt SOS 2018
(max 5 words e.g. Blue stars/triangles & grey backing)

How do I get my coupon?

Within one week of receiving your finished quilt, we will contact you using the details you’ve enclosed with your quilt.

Everyone who has bought a Quilt SOS pack and who has submitted a quilt that meets the criteria for this project (including the mix of Liberty with other fabrics) will receive a £30 coupon code to use on our website. The coupon can be spent on anything on our website, including covering the cost of P&P if you wish.

How does my coupon work?

You will receive your coupon in the form of a unique code (like a gift card), which you can enter at checkout on our website. Once activated it is only valid for orders made by the account holder’s email address, so please ensure that you write the same email address on your quilt submission form as the one you usually order with on our website. If any problems are encountered at checkout you can also redeem your code when placing a telephone order.

Quilt SOS packs are available here and below