Liberty Tote Bag Kit – Brand New

I’ve got my brand new Liberty tote bag to show you today – called the Sara Tote Bag Kit.   This great new design for a bag kit is really easy to make and at the end you get a great looking Liberty bag – hurrah!

I designed this one using the beautiful print ‘Ianthe’ in a canvas fabric which is really great for making bags.  Ianthe is a beautiful timeless print which was first printed for Liberty of London in 1967.  The design has been widely used for both fashion and furnishing fabric as well as for making scarves.  The design is a typical example of French Art Nouveau with highly stylised flowers created in swirls.  The print was originally created as a wallpaper border by a French designer in around 1902 so it has a real history.  I love it and am so pleased to have got my hands on some of it in canvas!

When the fabric came into my studio, I felt inspired to design a new bag kit – a perfect use of the canvas, and so the new Sara Liberty Tote bag was born.  I absolutely love tote bags – they are so handy.  They are great simply for popping to the shops or the local Library or even for storing a knitting or sewing project whilst it’s ‘in the making’.




Liberty Tote Bag


You can buy my Sara Liberty Tote Bag Kit here

The kit contains everything you need to make the bag shown in this picture.  This includes all of the material and easy to follow instructions.  The pattern uses French seams inside the bag which means that all of the raw edges are hidden away inside the seam.  This method is perfect for bag making as it stops things catching on any loose threads that may be left behind .  It’s really simple to make and should take around 2 hours from start to finish depending on your level of sewing ability.  Happy sewing!

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