Alpine Symphony SS18 Liberty Collection

The new Alpine Symphony SS18 Liberty collection is out on the 1st January 2018.  I’ve got a little sneak peak for you just to tempt you before Christmas.

Alpine Symphony SS18

This pretty collection takes its inspiration from sweeping mountain vistas and wild flower meadows.  The name Alpine Symphony SS18 actually comes from Richard Strauss’s musical composition from 1915.  It explores the emotional reactions to being awestruck by nature, its beauty, scale and power and the new collection follows suit.

Alpine Symphony SS18

The collection is divided into themes.  

On Flowering Meadows:  Sees blooming summer meadows, bursting with colour and life next to gentle sweeping daisies fall with quiet charm.  Dramatic and free, this collection transports you to the sweeping meadows high in the alpine air.

Alpine Symphony:  Celebrating the ornate detail found in the classic work of Alphons Mucha (a Czech Art Nouveau painter), Alpine Symphony is a modern take on Art Nouveau.  Full of harmony and movement, these designs create an ornate medley of paisleys, geometrics and florals.  Joyful and fun, stylised flowers such as Pink Campion, Columbine and Edelweiss create a rich tapestry of flora.

Fair Isle:  Taking inspiration from the traditional Alpine cross stitching , smocking and hand knitting techniques, these prints explore fun, kitsch shapes and transforms them into beautiful geometric prints that can be used alone, mixed and matched or as coordinates.

Floral Orchestra: A medley of florals taken from Liberty’s extensive archive to represent the many elements that combine to create a harmonious symphony.  From sweeping motions, reminiscent of treble clefs, to short sharp staccato strokes and elegant lines that speak of musical staves, this is a classically melodic collection full of energy and sound.

Modern Dirndle:  A fun, modern take on the traditional dress of Bavaria and Austria, this selection of designs have been adapted from the archive.

Heidi:  Delicate, feminine and youthful, this curated selection of fluttering mountain flora has a strength and modernity that elevates it to the cool, fresh air at the top of the mountain peaks.

The Hills Are Alive:  A moment of gentleness, positivity and humour that reflects the essence of Liberty.  Within the beauty there are hidden treasures and delicate undertones that have a wit and sense of fun.  Woodland creatures graze the blanketed slopes hidden behind twisted trees and scattered flora.

Alpine Weave: A tessellation of Alpine animals that creates a woven tapestry of hidden fauna from swooping birds to watchful wolves.  

I have lots of ideas of things to make from this collection and will share them with you here when they are finished!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.  The collection will be available to buy on 1st January 2018.

Love Alice x

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