Beautiful Bear Quilt

I really wanted to show you this beautiful bear quilt that Valerie Mckeown has made.  I love this time of year when the Quilt SOS quilts arrive at the studio.  I have so many of them to show you and will get around to photographing them all before they go off to Vilnius in Lithuania.  I hope to have a gallery of the quilts very soon so that you can see all of the wonderful sewing that has gone into them.

beautiful bear quilt

I asked Valerie a few questions about the quilt and here’s what she said:

What inspired you to join the Quilt SOS project?

Once I read the piece on your website about the SOS quilts for orphaned children I just felt I had to get involved. What was there not to like. I absolutely love sewing and here was a chance to sew for a very worthwhile cause and with my favourite fabric, Liberty.

What drew you to the bear pattern for the beautiful bear quilt you have made?

I heard that there was a shortage of quilts for 15 year old boys. I wanted to make a quilt that wasn’t flowery and might appeal more to this age group. I have made other quilts using patterns by Elizabeth Hartman and when I saw her bear pattern I immediately thought it would be suitable. I found the checked material in your bargain box at the festival of quilts in the NEC. and again thought this would be prefect for the bears.

Note:  The pattern for the beautiful bear quilt is one by Elizabeth Hartman which you can buy by searching for the Bjorn Bear Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman.

beautiful bear quilt

Is this the first Quilt SOS quilt you have made?

This is the 3rd SOS quilt I have made. I made one last year and two this year. I read on your website that you needed twice as many quilts as last year and were particularly short of quilts for older boys. Not wanting any child to miss out I decided to make another one.

What do you love about Liberty fabric?

I love Liberty cotton tana lawn fabric. I love the feel of it. It’s really easy to sew with and behaves so well. I have been a fan of Liberty fabric for over 25 years when I first purchased it. I love the amazing print and colours and never tire of looking at them. I have a Liberty fabric stash that seems to keep growing even after making two quilts .
I get great pleasure out of contributing towards the SOS quilts. I loved seeing the photos last year of the children receiving their quilts. I hope the SOS children ‘s village quilts continue for many years to come.

Finally, I must thank Valerie so much for her beautiful bear quilt and her dedicated contribution to the Quilt SOS project.  In January 2016, I came up with this kind of crazy idea about making lots of quilts for children who needed a little helping hand in life.  That seems like such a long time ago now and we have come so far with the project.  Valerie’s and all the wonderful quilters for Quilt SOS contribution means that the children in the SOS Children’s village in Vilnius are going to get a pre Christmas surprise when we visit later on in the year.

Amazingly, we have received over 60 quilts which is fantastic!  Vilnius has 82 children so we do still need a few more.  If you are reading this for the first time and would consider whipping up a quilt by the 31st October then I would love to hear from you.  Check out the full details of the project here.

We still need quilts for teenage boys, young girls aged under 11 and 2 more quilts for boys aged 8 and under.  Please do let us know if you are able and willing to help out.
 beautiful bear quilt

Finally, I can’t thank you all enough for the wonderful work that you have done and are still doing for this project.

Happy sewing.

Love Alice x


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