Beautiful Liberty Cards

Anna JP from the office has been making Beautiful Liberty Cards using our 5″ charm packs.  We are launching charms on the Hochanda TV channel this week.  We were all thinking about how we could showcase the versatile use of Liberty charms and so decided to make gift cards.   You can find a tutorial of how to make these beautiful Liberty cards below.

Beautiful Liberty Cards

Anna’s written a handy tutorial of how to make these lovely cards.

You will need:

A Liberty Tana Lawn 5″ charm pack

Card, colour of your choice

Graph Paper

Glue – Pritt Stik or Coccoina

Sewing machine or needle and thread


Beautiful Liberty Cards

How to:

Anna JP tells us how to make these beautiful Liberty cards.

  1. Select the fabrics and card background that go well together, by laying small pieces on top of each other and checking for colour and contrast. I found that small-scale prints were best for my smallest shapes, while bigger prints got the chance to show off more if used for the large background pieces.
  2. Sketch out your shape design on graph paper and cut roughly around it.
  3. Pin the paper with the drawn shape onto your fabric and cut around it (through the paper and the fabric, to ensure you keep to the drawn line exactly).
  4. Use suitable glue (Pritt Stik and Coccoina both work well) to tack your fabric shapes into the correct place, before sewing:
  • For the letter card, the construction order was: stick letter to card, sew the letter onto the card, stick butterflies to card and finally sew the butterflies to the card. To hand-sew the butterflies I pricked needle-holes around its edge (through the card), about 1mm from the fabric edge and 2mm apart, before hand-sewing with a back-stitch.
  • For the heart and house cards, the construction order was: stick shapes to each other and background then sew fabric only, stick background-with-shapes to card and then sew this to the card.

Beautiful Liberty Cards

Top tip 1: to finish the line of sewing, pull the top thread through to the reverse side, tie a knot, and snip. You can cover the loose threads with a small sticker if you like.

Top tip 2: If sewing with a sewing machine, test with a scrap of fabric and card first, to ensure the tension is right and the needle is sharp enough. 

Top tip 3: Using a different coloured thread can really accentuate certain elements of the card, whilst using matching thread blends into the background.

I’m always amazed at the versatility of using fabric in general crafting.  The possibilities are endless.  

Happy crafting with beautiful Liberty fabric.

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