Luna Lapin’s Liberty Cat

Lara’s final super cute make from the Luna Lapin’s friends book by Sarah Peel.  Here’s the cat which Lara has made for herself.  It’s completely gorgeous, as are the fox and rabbit shown in previous blog posts. “I made the cat first.  I chose the lovely felt fabric from a …

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Quilt SOS – The Journey to Hestia

Quilt SOS – The Journey to Hestia.  Last week, we finally managed to personally deliver the Quilt SOS quilts to Hestia in Croydon.  The wonderful Alice Caroline customers and staff have been making beautiful quilts for us to donate to the charity Hestia.  Hestia are based in and around London …

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Rosie Rabbit Liberty Luna Lapin

Lara from the studio has made this gorgeous Rosie Rabbit Liberty Luna Lapin.  It’s from the book Luna Lapin’s Friends by Sarah Peel and the results are really beautiful.  In actual fact, she’s made 3 of the teddies from the book but we thought we would share them over time …

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