Liberty Christmas Cushion

Dawn has made a beautiful Liberty Christmas Cushion which is simply divine.  She’s cleverly used a variety of the Wiltshire shadow quilting cotton fabrics and paired these up with a lovely plain linen as the background fabric.

Here’s Dawn to tell you about her gorgeous festive make:

“The Wiltshire Gold quilting material caught my eye weeks ago and I just had to make something Christmassy with it! I like to change the cushions in our conservatory with the seasons so a Christmas Wiltshire cushion was definitely needed!”
Liberty Christmas Cushion
“I wanted to try the iron on Vlieseline with some appliqué work, and thought I’d keep to simple tree shapes for my first attempt. I cut out various trees in different shapes and sizes and in differing shades of green including the lovely gold. It was then a case of moving them around on the backing fabric until I was happy, ironing them in their final resting places, and then using a straight stitch to machine stitch them to the backing fabric (a plain linen I’ve used before in other projects).”
Liberty Christmas Cushion
“I used a metallic thread to add a bit of sparkle, and it definitely helped to use a special metallic thread machine needle (as I had several thread breakages when using a ‘normal needle’).  I also used a ‘quilt sandwich’ (backing, wadding, and the linen topper) to add a bit more puffiness to the finished cushion.
“I used two green shades of Wiltshire Shadow to back the cushion (a simple envelope back) and Wiltshire Gold to bind it as this was my favourite fabric.”
Liberty Christmas Cushion
“I added a sequin to the top of each tree (hand sewn) which served a double purpose of adding yet more sparkle and hiding my less than perfect stitching. Result!”
Thanks you so much Dawn for sharing your gorgeous Liberty Christmas cushion with us.  It’s stunning and will look gorgeous in your conservatory I’m sure.  I still love the fact that you change your cushions for each season – I wish I was that organised.


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