Liberty Collection – Garden of Dreams

The Garden of Dreams Liberty collection is now finally on sale through the website – hurray!  

After a long anticipated wait, finally, the official release date for the collection is here.  This means that we can finally sell this stunning collection to you.  Thank you for waiting!


I love this Liberty collection so much – it’s a collection of original Liberty designs for childrenswear based on the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson in ‘A Child’s Garden of Verses’.

Liberty Collection Garden of Dreams

Written in 1885, ‘A Child’s Garden of Verses’ gives a wonderful insight into the minds and lives of children, and this simply beautiful collection captures all of your childhood memories using Liberty designs created specially for childrenswear.  The collection is based around the magical world of a child and their thoughts and dreams – a magical world beneath the flowers and leaves, where tiny creatures played hide and seek and ate miniature picnics atop toadstools with bluebirds that brought strawberries to the feast.

Liberty Collection - Garden of Dreams
I have been so excited about this wonderful collection for such a long time now.  It’s simply beautiful and has lovely links to the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson.  I remember reading the series of beautiful children’s poetry when I was a child and it’s the perfect inspiration for a childrenwear collection.  The fabrics really take you back in time and have such a cute retro feel to them.  I can’t wait to make children’s clothes and quilts from the gorgeous fabrics.  I’ve also created some lovely fat quarter packs from the collection.

Liberty Collection Garden of Dreams

You can buy the Liberty Collection Garden of Dreams fabrics here.

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