Liberty Vintage Cushions – The Suffolk Puff

These simply lovely Liberty Vintage Cushions were made by the lovely Dawn in the studio and the equally lovely Sadie Yeomans from Corner House Crafts.  They are amazing and we all love them here at Alice Caroline.  

This beautiful cushion was made by Dawn.

Liberty Vintage Cushion

I absolutely love a Monday morning in the studio – someone is always bringing a new beautiful item made from Liberty fabric in – we all hover over new items admiringly and talking about how things have been made.

This stunning version was made by Sadie.

Liberty Vintage Cushion

Dawn’s inspiration was from another cushion that appeared in the studio one day which led to this beautiful design using bright coloured Liberty scraps which was a lovely present for her God Daughter Lottie’s birthday.   The Liberty vintage cushions were such a great project that they made the May / June issue of Quilting for You magazine.  

The main design of the cushion is using the old traditional Suffolk Puff method – this is simply a circle of fabric which is gathered in on itself to form a smaller, double thickness, textured puffier circle.  Originally Suffolk Puffs were made from scraps of fabric and were sewn together to make quilts which was a great way to use up old material.  Today, the Suffolk Puff has been adapted and is used to make all kinds of things such as brooches, cushions and hair slides. It’s a really versatile method once you know how to make them.

Here is some of the beautiful Suffolk Puff detail from Sadie’s cushion.

Liberty Vintage Cushion

And some detail from Dawn’s cushion.

Liberty Vintage Cushion


You will need:  (thanks so much to Quilting for You Magazine for these measurements)

Nine 9″ (23cm) squares of Liberty Tana Lawn, each one a different fabric.

One 17.5″ (45cm) square of linen or linen look fabric for cushion front, plus two 12.5″ (32cm) x 15.5″ (40cm) rectangles of linen or linen look fabric for the cushion backs.

6″ (15cm) of Liberty Tana Lawn for binding

15.5″ (40cm) square of calico for lining

15″ (38cm) cushion pad

Nymo, silk or quilting thread for the Suffolk puffs

Taking thread, neutral piecing thread, non permanent marker, card and glue stick.

Buy your Liberty scraps here

Project Instructions:

You can get the full project instructions in the May/June Issue 101 of Fabrications ‘Quilting for You’ magazine.

Order your copy at or call their friendly customer services team on 01684 588599

Liberty Vintage Cushion

I hope that Dawn and Sadie have inspired you to make one of these lovely cushions!  Thanks to both of you for sharing your wonderful project with us!

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