Liberty Dungarees – Yes Please!

Yay – spring has arrived in the UK and what better way to celebrate than to showcase some gorgeous Liberty Dungarees.  Laura from the office has made these using Primrose Path C from the new Shona Heath Capsule collection from Liberty.
Liberty Dungarees
I asked Laura about the project:
“Shock and horror/awe from all, it isn’t a dress! I’m stepping out of my comfort zone in springy yellow dungarees and feeling quite pleased with the outcome. Are they dungarees if they have a back bodice thing instead of just an apron front flap bodice thing? Where do dungarees end and jumpsuits begin, is it all in the presence (or lack) of sleeves? Is there a simpler way to use the loo while wearing one? These questions and more I hope to answer for myself as I explore this new world of fashion. If you have an answer, do leave a comment on social media and let me know.”
Liberty Dungarees
“Primrose Path C is from Liberty’s capsule collection designed in collaboration with amazing set designer and creative Shona Heath. This print makes me feel light and happy, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!  This particular colour way features pastel yellow primroses and pale green leaves which contrast prettily against a navy ground. It is a soft and sweet yellow print, a great choice for the warming spring days ahead. An alternative colour way, Primrose Path B is similarly sweet and pastel, but features more pink and creamy tones which would also be great for early spring.”
Liberty Dungarees
“To make the pattern, I modified an existing trouser pattern by widening the legs to make them more roomy, raising the waist to achieve a high waist look and adding a hidden side pocket. The bodice is a simple 25cm piece of full width Tana Lawn (137cm), gathered just enough at the waist and top so that it matches the trouser waist opening, then sewn onto the trouser waist. The seam allowance on the waist and top were then used to encase a length of thin elastic. Lastly, four 3cm wide straps were added to the top so that they could be tied over the shoulders in cute, adjustable bows. I am sorry to confess that until the straps were added I really wasn’t liking the outfit. Like, at all. It just wasn’t something I would ever reach for in a shop and I was cursing having veered away from my standard dresses. Luckily, the straps saved the day! It really is funny what such a small change can do and I am glad I pushed ahead with it despite all the second guessing.”
Liberty Dungarees
“Liberty Tana Lawn is perfect for this project, it is light and almost silky to the touch meaning I am very comfortable wearing it. Usually, the only trousers I can stand to wear are very loose tracksuit trousers (at home in winter, where nobody can see me!) so I am pleased to be so comfy in the Tana Lawn trousers. Another great benefit of dungarees is that the oft-ignored blouse section of the wardrobe can now be given some time to shine. It was also very fun having a solo fashion show in the bedroom, working out what exactly would go with the dungarees. Turns out quite a lot goes, so, yay!
The outfit is so light and soft, I am most definitely going to be wearing these out and about as it warms up. Picnics! Country walks! Al fresco dinners in the garden! Emergency trips to the local store! Herding the neighbours chickens back over their fence! Whatever it is, you name it and I’ll be there like a ray of very happy yellow Liberty sunshine. Happy spring, everyone!   
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