Liberty Easter Eggs Project

Laura in the studio has been busy making these super beautiful Liberty Easter Eggs

She has made them using muted pretty pastel colours all in gorgeous Liberty florals.  They make perfect little Easter gifts filled with yummy chocolate eggs.  This is a really easy and quick project to make.  She’s also made a pretty Easter basket and box.  See below for the tutorial of how to make them.

Liberty Easter Eggs

You will need:

Cardboard eggs from a craft shop.  We bought a pack of two of approximately 15cm x 9cm and 12cm x 8cm.  You can either use solid eggs or, if you want to fill with chocolates then you will need the eggs that come in 2 halves.

Liberty scraps of fabrics – you can buy these here.

PVA glue

Paintbrush and pot for glue.

Step 1:  Cut your Liberty scraps into small pieces.  The size will depend on how big your egg is. Coat your egg in glue and stick the pieces of Liberty scraps onto the egg.  You can overlap the fabric pieces and use as much glue as you like to smooth down the edges.  The glue dries clear.

Step 2:  Let the egg dry overnight and then fill with yummy egg chocolates.

Liberty Easter Box

You make this in exactly the same way as the eggs.  The box we have used is round and is approximately 10cm wide.

Liberty Easter Basket

You will need:

A basket of your choice.  It’s helpful to have a loosely woven basket to make it easier.  The one we have used is 20cm wide and 6cm high.

A wool needle.

Liberty ribbon scraps which you can buy here.

Step 1:  Choose the order of colours that you would like them to appear on the basket.  For example; you may wish to order them in a rainbow.  We have chosen pastel shades.

Step 2:  Thread the ribbon strip into the wool needle and weave in and out of the basket making sure that you secure it at the start.  Work around the basket in rings.  You can leave the rest of the ribbon inside the basket as your nest base.

Step 3:  Continue in rings until your basket is covered.  Fill with chocolate eggs.


I hope you enjoy making these as much as Laura did and as much as we loved seeing them in the studio!

Love Alice x

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