Liberty Easter Pinafore

Lara from the studio has made this really cute vintage look Liberty Easter Pinafore for collecting Easter eggs. She loved the colours in the new Organic Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics as they are soft and muted and have a lovely vintage feel.

Liberty Easter Pinafore

I asked Lara about the project:

“I’ve always wanted to have chickens so I’m planning ahead and trying to live the country dream.  I made my daughter this Liberty Easter Pinafore for collecting Easter eggs.  Each Easter Sunday my family hold an Easter egg hunt.  It’s usually in my mum’s garden as there’s loads of lovely places to hide the eggs.  My children absolutely love it and usually fill their baskets with yummy chocolate eggs.  This year I’ve made Sofia a Liberty Easter Pinafore so that she can collect the eggs in the pinny pocket.  If I ever do get my chickens, Sofia could use the pinafore to collect real eggs too!”

Liberty Easter Pinafore

“The inspiration for this project was a lovely vintage 1940’s embroidered apron I bought on eBay.  It’s a peg bag apron and I thought Sofia would love it. I used the following fabrics Betsy A, Betsy B, Mamie B and Millie C and used a fat quarter of each.  They are from the organic range and have gorgeous vintage colours.  I had some fabrics left over so I plan to make a peg bag for myself.”

Happy Easter everyone – hope you all enjoy the holidays x

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