Liberty Pony Dress for Annabel

Last weekend, I made this really quick Liberty Pony Dress for my daughter’s friend Annabel.  It was her ninth birthday (Happy Birthday Annabel!) and there’s no better present than a home made one.

Liberty Pony Dress

The fabric:  

This is one of my absolute favourite Liberty designs and is always really popular with little girls.  It is Annabel’s favourite Liberty fabric too, so it was an easy choice to make and perfect for this Liberty pony dress.  It’s called Emolly Can Can and is an amazing Liberty print with ponies and carousels.  See if you can spot the different Liberty prints in the pattern!

The Pattern:

The dress pattern for the Liberty pony dress is taken from my book Little lady Liberty, but essentially is a really easy pattern – you just add fabric and detail onto a pre-bought T-shirt or pretty vest top.  To get started, simply choose the vest top you love and a fabric to match.  Buy my book to see the full instructions.

Here’s the detail of one of the ponies I cut out from the fabric to enhance the dress top.

Liberty Pony Dress

Joining the pretty vest top to the fabric skirt is really easy – use a simple gather stitch and then sew around the middle section.  This is a great project to make with your daughter or grandchild for a present.  A special friend will love to receive this –  I hope you like it Annabel!

Liberty Pony Dress

Happy sewing!

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