Liberty Raincoat – Bring on the April Showers!

Laura has been really busy and made this rather lovely Liberty Raincoat.  She’s used our matt coated PVC Felix & Isabelle fabric.

Liberty Raincoat

Laura LOVES the snow!  She comes from Sydney and has come to work at Alice Caroline recently.  Laura doesn’t ever get snow in Sydney and has loved being in England this winter – a proper winter she calls it!  Laura squeals every time it snows which has been quite a lot recently.  This is our view from the top of the hill on our lunchtime walks we often do.  Needless to say, it doesn’t take much to get us all out on a walk.  It’s so refreshing and beautiful.

Liberty Raincoat

There were lots of oooh’s and ahhh’s when we saw this Liberty Raincoat hanging up after Laura’s busy weekend of sewing.  We were all feeling slightly jealous that we didn’t think of making it first.  We are trying to emerge from the winter season here but are heading full swing into the April rainy season.   A super pretty Liberty Raincoat is the perfect item of clothing for this time of year.  It’s lightweight and protective and yet really pretty at the same time.

Liberty Raincoat

It’s lined and bound with a pretty cotton dusty blue and has lovely toggle buttons a little Paddinton Bear style.  We are all really in love with the combination of quite a traditional style Liberty fabric with a lovely pastel lining and binding.

The Felix and Isabelle PVC coated fabric used for this Liberty Raincoat is on sale at quite a bargain price of £14 per metre at the moment which makes it a really cost effective project.

Liberty Raincoat

Laura said it was a surprisingly easy coat to make and that the PVC coated fabric didn’t get caught in the sewing machine at all.  I would recommend that you use a tissue paper on top of the fabric.  This is because the PVC coating can catch in some sewing machines.  If you are planning a project with the gloss version of our PVC coated fabrics then you will definitely need to use tissue paper to stop the fabric from slipping.  In some cases you will need to make a sandwich of the fabric and tissue to stop slippage whilst sewing.

Liberty Raincoat

We have quite a few oilcloths at the moment to choose from.  You can see them all here.  Imagine some of these fabrics in a similar coat.

Liberty Raincoat

The Pattern:

Laura combined view B and C of a Simplicity pattern 8298 to make this fabulous Liberty Raincoat.  This made a longer raincoat with lovely side angled pockets with a hood.  The pattern is for a quilted jacket but works really well as a raincoat.

I hope this inspires you to get sewing this spring.

Love Alice x

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