Liberty Tea Cosy

Anna JP has been using the Liberty darks small pieces pack to make more Liberty Sewing Projects.  I absolutely love this gorgeous tea cosy.  Maybe it is an English tradition, but a tea cosy means that you can make a pot of tea (which always tastes better than dipping a tea bag into a mug) and drink several cups at the right temperature.
Liberty Sewing Projects
Anna JP says “This is made by sewing parallel strips of different widths, which are then joined together into an irregular pattern. I tried to balance out the prints so that my preferred ones took centre stage, but it didn’t quite work out that way once I had cut it into the curved shape! If my fabric had been plainer I’d have liked to quilt this properly, as it would have been so easy on a small item, however with the pattern being quite busy I just sewed horizontally along the seams of the patchwork and in line with the pattern of the Tana Lawn fabric on the back. I like it anyway – it’s unusual, the colours are a good complement with each other, and my children find it hilarious (for me) to wear as a hat!”
Liberty Sewing Projects
Anna has a real talent in putting the right fabrics together to make them look fabulous together.
Liberty Sewing Projects Liberty Sewing Projects
Anna JP has also made this really sweet Kindle case using the darks small pieces pack.
Liberty Sewing Projects
She said “I had an idea that I could pretty much use the exact dimensions of the small sample pieces to make a case for my beloved Kindle, which would therefore be an easy make as it’s small and simple. How wrong was I?! It turns out that if you want to make an item with concealed seams, piping, and some reinforcing for strength and shape, you’ve really should do a lot of upfront thinking about the construction. After making and quilting front and back pieces and adding piping, I had to hand-sew a couple of seams in order to conceal all the raw edges. I also had to fix the tabs and hardware on by hand afterwards. This ended up taking me quite a while to figure out but I got there in the end, and I think it’s pretty cute.
Liberty Sewing Projects
I hope that this gives you some inspiration to sew something new.  It’s always good to find new inspiration.
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