Liberty Top With A Cute Collar

Anna JP from the office has made this really cute Liberty Top With A Cute Collar.  It’s made using one of our sale fabrics ‘Poppy’s Patchwork‘.

Liberty Top With A Cute Collar Liberty Top With A Cute Collar 

I asked Anna about the project.
“Whilst amusing myself tidying up the long rolls in the studio one afternoon and wondering if any of the prints would work for a lightweight window screen, I felt a pull towards this small geometric print with the subtle yet clear summery colours. I decided to make a sleeveless top (not a window screen – but maybe that’ll come later), so went about finding a suitable pattern. A brief search and PayPal-click later, New Look 6344 dropped through my letter box.”

Liberty Top With A Cute Collar

“The pattern has a LOT of ease to it, and as I knew I wanted it to be wearable underneath a cardigan I decided to “size down” to the smallest size to reduce the potential flappiness. On first pinning front and back together however, I discovered it was still significantly too flappy, so I trimmed the sides by about two inches each side. The sewing was pretty straightforward and I only went off course as regards using a contrast fabric for the collar (plain white tana) and sewing shut the button closure at the top back, as the neck opening was plenty big enough not to need it.
It’s a really nice summery top to wear, lightweight, breezy yet fit-able under a cardigan, and I’m glad to have had it in my summer capsule wardrobe this year.”

Liberty Top With A Cute Collar

I love Anna’s top.  It’s so vibrant and completely love the collar.

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