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A perfect gift for anyone who loves Liberty Fabric. Choose one of the preset amounts or enter your own preferred gift amount, from £10 to £100.

The gift card graphic includes various optional pre-set greetings (e.g. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc.) or can be left blank. You can also add your own personalised message.

The gift card is sent to the recipient by email and is not a physical product.

$$$ US dollars customers only, please note: Sorry but there is a temporary glitch in our currency conversion on gift vouchers. This means if you enter an amount in USD, the system back-converts it into the GBP amount.
To overcome this, divide the USD amount by 1.4 and input that in the value box. E.g. you want a $100 USD voucher, divide this by 1.4 = 71.42, so enter 71.50 in the ‘Enter amount’ and this will be a voucher worth $100.50. $$$

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