Heirloom White Wadding – 108″ x 90″ (Good for Alice’s Wonderland and Betsy’s Bouquet Quilt BOMs)


Hobbs Heirloom Wadding. We recommend using this white wadding for best results when making a quilt that includes white Tana Lawn.

108″ x 90″ cut.

This is a suitable sized wadding for our Alice’s Wonderland and Betsy’s Bouquet BOM Quilt, although it can be used for any project.

Shrinkage of 3-5% will occur if washed.

Maximum distance between lines of quilting stitching  is 4″, i.e. quilting stitching lines should be no more than 4″ apart.

80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

*Please note, this product has a separate shipping charge for customers outside of the UK due to its size. Any queries please contact us on email for further information*

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