FREE Jewel Palace Quilt BOM EPP Shapes with 3/8″ Seam Allowance Instant Download


These shapes to print at home can help you plan your cutting layout, should you choose to use them.  This method is optional but useful if you find it tricky to gauge a 3/8” seam allowance by eye when cutting out your shapes.

To use these shapes cut out the paper shapes along the red lines and position them on to the fabric as shown in the layout and cutting guides in your monthly Jewel Palace instructions (instead of the supplied paper shapes from your kit). Proceed with cutting the fabric as per the instructions.

Once you have cut out the fabric shapes, put aside these shapes that include seam allowance for use in laying out your block next time. Use the paper shapes without seam allowance (as provided in the kit) to sew your EPP block with.

These documents have as many shapes as can comfortably fit on a standard international A4 page. You will receive an A4 page each of diamonds, pink diamonds, rhombus, pink rhombus, elongated hexagons, pentagons and squares.
n.b only use the pink shapes when pink paper shapes have been supplied in the kit.

Print at 100% scale.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD: After successful payment, your web browser will show an Order received screen. Midway down this page is a clickable link to obtain the download. Also, you will be sent an Order receipt, by email, which includes the same link to obtain the download. Please see our FAQs for further help if you need it.

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