2″ Triangle, Diamond, Half Hexagon and Hexagon Acrylic Cutting Template Set – Radiant Stars


It is possible to use these templates for radiant stars BUT please n.b. the seam allowance allowed for radiant stars fabric is 1/4″(2/8″) and these acrylic templates use a larger seam allowance; 3/8″, so it will be a tight fit to use these and you may need to cut a slightly smaller seam allowance than 3/8″ in order to fit all the necessary shapes onto the given piece of fabric.

The full set of acrylic 2″ shapes comes in a paper bag. You will receive one 2″ hexagon, 2″ half hexagon, 2″ diamond and 2″ triangle each in this set.

Clear acrylic to allow you to clearly see your fabrics

Pin-hole centre point for help with alignment

Minimal text used only in seam allowance to not distract from shape

3mm thick durable acrylic

Made in England


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