Quilt SOS 2018 – it’s here!

I’m really excited to announce that Quilt SOS 2018 is here!  We are now in the third year of the project and it’s going from strength to strength.  Our new village is Kraśnik in Poland where 66 children currently live.  This means we need to make 66 quilts!  I am super excited to also let you know that some of the beautiful work from this years’ project will be on display at ‘The Festival of Quilts’ in August 2018.

Quilt SOS 2018

For those of you who don’t know, I started the Quilt SOS project in 2016 to give quilts to children in need. We delivered 48 quilts to children in Hemeius, Romania in 2016 and 83 quilts to children in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2017.   We were so pleased to have reached our target for last year as it was such a lot of quilts to make – but you did it!

You can read the story of the Romanian trip here and the Lithuania trip here.

We are calling on quilters and fellow Liberty lovers to once again, use their sewing skills for this fantastic cause.   The Quilt SOS 2018 project will provide a bundle of gorgeous Liberty quilts to the children of Kraśnik in Poland.  Since leaving the Soviet Union in 1989, life in Poland has gradually improved.  However, nearly one in five people remain below the poverty line, and work is hard to come by for many.  Deprivation is extreme in rural parts, where families lack access to basic infrastructure.  For many children, living conditions are often poor, and their life chances hampered, sometimes irreversibly.  There are 66 children living in the village and we aim to make a quilt for each of those young people. 

Before the quilts head off to Kraśnik later on in the year, I am absolutely delighted that ‘The Festival of Quilts’ organisers have been kind enough to let us display a selection of them at the exhibition.  This means that those who love to quilt will see the wonderful display before they head off to their deserving new homes.  This will also raise the awareness of SOS Children’s Villages as a charity organisation in a high-profile place.

If you are interested in taking part in Quilt SOS 2018 please click here

A selection of the wonderful quilts from 2017.

Quilt SOS 2018

SOS Children’s Villages – The Charity

SOS Children’s Villages are a fantastic charity at the forefront of supporting children in need around the world. Their work over the past 67 years, in 125 countries, has focused on caring for orphaned and abandoned children, and children whose parents can no longer care for them. They also work in communities to support families at risk of breaking apart. Creating a stable, loving environment for a child is their priority, so that they can flourish and reach their full potential.  For more information on the charity please click here

The Festival of Quilts is a quilting exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham from 9 – 12th August 2018 you can find out more about the festival here 

I hope that you will get involved in some way either by making a quilt or spreading the news.

Thank you!

love Alice x

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