Quilted Liberty Jacket

Gill Nicholls from the Lewes Sewing Bees has made this stunning Quilted Liberty Jacket.  She’s used Anna’s Garden Teal from my exclusive ‘Butterfly Garden’ collection and has lined it with Plain Light Pink Tana Lawn.  I thoroughly enjoyed modelling this beautiful jacket and quite fancy making one myself!  I asked Gill about the project.
Quilted Liberty Jacket
Why did you choose the fabric?
“I chose Anna’s garden fabric because it was a stunning large print with gorgeous colours. A quilted jacket seemed a good choice although the fabric would look amazing as many different garments.”
Quilted Liberty Jacket
Which pattern did you choose and why?  Did you make any alterations?
“I chose a very old pattern that was tucked into my pattern stash! Style 1901. I changed it quite considerably to allow for the extra quilting and the more modern looser style. I also widened the sleeves and made it edge to edge. I also like to over cut and then fit on the body to get the perfect fit. This could be challenging as I wanted to pattern match at the front.”
Quilted Liberty Jacket
The finished jacket is stunning – do you love it?
“I’m really pleased with the finished jacket and I’m sure it will have many uses. I plan to make it again in the future, possibly looser to allow for winter jumpers.”
Quilted Liberty Jacket
What do you love to sew apart from dressmaking?
“I love sewing almost anything. My first passion was dressmaking as my mother was a needlework teacher. Sewing classes were as much my love at school as some friends dread! About 9 years ago I took up quilt making and absolutely love it, also bag making and all sorts of storage items and home textiles.”
What are you planning next?
“I’m now doing a quilt in liberty cottons with another started and a few in a queue!”
Wow – such a lot of projects.  I would love to see more of your work Gill!  This jacket is sewn so beautifully and is super comfortable to wear.
Thank you for sharing your project with us – I hope you enjoy wearing it!
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