Radiant Stars Liberty Quilt

It’s finally finished – Anna has finished making the Radiant Stars Liberty Quilt this week.  After 15 months of very happy, slow sewing the quilt can be shown in all of its glory.

Radiant Stars Liberty Quilt

I asked Anna a bit about making this gorgeous quilt.  Here’s what she had to say.  “I’ve throughly enjoyed making this quilt.  Each month we spent a very happy hour choosing the fabrics from new collections, our Alice Caroline Exclusives and Liberty Classics.  Then I would eagerly take the fabric home and get stitching. Each block would take around 2 hours to sew together but I would do this while watching TV or waiting for the children at their various clubs.  I really enjoyed seeing how each block would develop as you attached each shape.”

Radiant Stars Liberty Quilt

“Each block is made using an old technique called English Paper Piecing (EPP).  Fabric is wrapped around paper shapes and then sewn together in a pattern.  This Radiant Stars Liberty Quilt has the same star pattern running throughout and has over 133 different beautiful Liberty fabrics within it.  We spent quite a bit of time planning out the final layout of the quilt to give a good balance to colours and shade.  I’m really pleased with the final quilt.  I have hand quilted the quilt which was enjoyable and didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I backed and bound the quilt using the same fabric ‘Capel N‘ which is a beautiful teal colour.  It also gives the quilt a lovely strong border.  Since finishing this quilt, I’ve decided to make lots of things using EPP.  It’s such a therapeutic method of sewing.”

Radiant Stars Liberty Quilt Radiant Stars Liberty Quilt Radiant Stars Liberty Quilt

This block of the month project is about to finish but we do have an equally lovely Jewel Palace Block of the Month quilt project available.  Check it out here.  I hope that this inspired you to make a new thing this year.

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