Scrappy Strips Liberty Cushion

I’ve made this Scrappy Strips Liberty Cushion from the leftover fabric from the Liberty Boho Quilt.  I had such fun making the quilt so I thought I would give random quilting another go in a lovely cushion.  The combination of hearts, flowers and geometrics make for a vibrant and fun cushion.

Scrappy Strips Liberty Cushion

A cushion like this is really great for a wide variety of uses – for a garden chair for outdoors or to brighten any chair or sofa in your home.  I’ve used the off cut fabrics from the quilt which are from the spring / summer 2016 collection. These are themed around ‘The Artist’ which all take their inspiration from artists such as Monet and Hockney.  There are some really pretty florals full of rich coloured and delicate flowers, bright tropical prints  and marbled geometric hearts – perfect for a cushion like this.

You can buy the fabrics for the quilt and cushion here.

I’ve shown you how to make the Scrappy Strips Liberty Cushion below.

Scrappy Strips Liberty Cushion

How to make the Scrappy Strips Liberty Quilt:

METHOD: All seams are 1/4″ unless otherwise stated

STEP 1: Cut 1.5″strips of varying lengths (2″ to 5″ long) and sew them together into one long strip.  Your finished strip will need to be 236″ long. Press seams to one side

Scrappy Strips Liberty Cushion - Random binding

STEP 2: Cut the strip into thirteen 18″ long pieces:

Scrappy Strips Liberty Cushion - cutting the strips

STEP 3: Sew the pieces together to make cushion front

Scrappy Strips Liberty Cushion

Make the two back pieces of the cushion:

STEP 4: Cut one piece of fabric 17″ long x 13.5″ high (I sewed 2 pieces together, see right side below)

STEP 5: Fold 1/4″ over then 1/2″ at one end press and stitch along fold

STEP 6: Cut one piece of fabric 12″ long x 13.5″ high. Repeat STEP 5

STEP 7: With right sides together pin cushion backs to cushion front, overlapping backs as shown

STEP 8: Stitch all around outside edge of cushion

Scrappy Strips Liberty Cushion - Sewing the back onScrappy Strips Liberty Cushion

STEP 9: Turn Right side out, press. 

ENJOY your cushion!


Scrappy Strips Liberty Cushion - reverse

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