Super Sweet Liberty Baubles

With the lovely festive season of Christmas heading rapidly in our direction, I wanted to share a whole range of sewing and crafting projects with you.  The Alice Caroline team have been busy creating beautiful things using Liberty fabric and I’ll share these with you over the coming 12 days.   Ellie has made these … Read more

Komebukuro Liberty Rice Bags

Anne and Gill from the Lewes Sewing Bees have made some mini Komebukuro Liberty Rice Bags from the leftover exclusive fabrics.  These are such sweet little bags with so many uses I can think of.  If you remember, a few weeks ago I shared Gill’s gorgeous ‘Anna’s Garden’ jacket and Anne’s beautiful Pear Table Runner … Read more

Liberty Sewing Organiser

The Liberty Sewing Organiser shown here today was made by Anne Commin from the Lewes Sewing Bees.  It’s always a bit of a surprise when we receive a project from one of the ‘Bees’.  This one was such fun to open as each layer revealed another joyful hand sewn item.    The sewing box is … Read more

Liberty Scraps Cushion

Anna JP from the office has been making a beautiful Liberty Scraps Cushion.  It uses small pieces of Liberty fabric in a really simple design.  I love the fabrics she has put together.  The lovely grey piping detail around the edge of the cushion finishes it off beautifully too.   Anna JP talks about her … Read more

Strawberry Thief Knot Bag

Liberty Tana Lawn Fabric Strawberry Thief Bag

The lovely Dawn from the studio has made this Strawberry Thief Knot Bag to match her gorgeous UGG boots.  She has used the colourway  Strawberry Thief L.   I asked Dawn about the sewing project.  “I really liked the look of Alice’s knot bag pattern and it was easy to decide on the fabric.  Strawberry … Read more

Liberty Luggage Loveliness

Liberty Luggage Loveliness has arrived!  I’ve been planning these ever since I had the amazing stash of vintage fabrics last year.  I know a great company in India who use offcuts of fabrics to make really cool stuff. They work sustainably and ethically with a loyal team to make these lovely passport holders and luggage … Read more

Perfect Christmas Present

So, today I have a whole load of perfect Christmas present for you.  My Alice Caroline range of accessories gives a whole load of ideas of things to buy loved ones this Christmas. The Wiltshire Liberty range you can see above is really beautiful and is a very classic Liberty print.  Many of you Liberty … Read more

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