Liberty Midi Dress

Kathy has made this gorgeous Liberty Midi dress out of the Liberty Tana Lawn® Champion’s Bouquet B fabric from the beautiful Liberty Champions collection. The pattern has various options for a frill, a longer length dress and long sleeves, giving multiple options for future sewing which is always great.  I …

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Liberty Butterfly Notre-Dame Quilt

Suzanne Campion, one of our most favourite of customers has made this Liberty Butterfly Notre-Dame Quilt using lots of the exclusive fabrics from my recent collection.  It showcases the fabric in the collection so beautifully.  I’ve got several projects to share with you over the next few weeks which is …

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Quilt SOS – The Journey to Hestia

Quilt SOS – The Journey to Hestia.  Last week, we finally managed to personally deliver the Quilt SOS quilts to Hestia in Croydon.  The wonderful Alice Caroline customers and staff have been making beautiful quilts for us to donate to the charity Hestia.  Hestia are based in and around London …

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Wiltshire Blueberry Skirt

Sarah from the studio has made this super pretty Wiltshire Blueberry Skirt using one of the exclusives from my recent ‘Butterfly Garden‘ collection.   I love seeing what people make using the fabrics we’ve designed.  The skirt that Sarah has made is simply lovely.  It uses the delicate tones of …

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